6 home remedies to quit smoking

Cigarette comes to care in the minds of many people that I will quit. But not easy to stop smoking addiction, so can not really discount cigarettes. It works like a silent killer cigarette. This causes the smoker but also to the people living around him Serious Health Problems like cancer and BP may be … These measures will help to Hanksigret
Cigarettes will leave sooner, the better. Ayurveda reduce the urge to take some measure of nicotine over the desire to smoke. Regular time they try a cigarette can be dropped slowly. National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur Kansltentdo senior. Govind are Parikbta such simple measures, which will help you to quit smoking.

1: Ginger


If feel like having a cigarette in ginger with lemon juice and mix them well with salt and add the art smoke and drink when a piece of mind, then take suck



2: Amla


Dry pieces of Amla in salt. If you want smoke, suck a piece. Vitamin C reduces the desire to nicotine



3: Cinnamon


 If desired cigarette chew or suck the Cinnamon piece. The acrid taste of nicotine desire turns.


4: Liquorice


Liquorice has replaced cigarettes in the pocket. Chew a piece of the desire to smoke. Cigarette smoking will decrease and it will also cure digestion

5: Chewing gum

Chew sugar-free chewing gum on the will of smoking. It will keep you busy, then carefully stop the will of smoke



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